Before we go into the best online internet banks in Nigeria, I need to drop a few shots to this. If you want to transact any business online it is necessary that you know the best banks to partner with that can sell you dollars at a good amount.

To know the present rate of all currencies makes use of google currency converter to do so.

Now we begin. These are some of the banks I have worked and currently still working with and I will tell you hat they are indeed good for online internet banking.

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List Of Best Online Internet Banks in Nigeria

You might have been hearing of;

1. Union Bank

Although it’s not mostly found everywhere around Nigeria I will tell you that this is one of the oldest and worldwide acceptable banks in any country. It is a great platform to bank with online all you need to do is work into any union bank in your location and verify you want to open a new bank account. Or if you already own an account with them then go ahead and request for a MasterCard for online payments.

2. Gtbank

GTB is another great bank to perform online internet transactions. You can request for a domiciliary account from gtb banks and at the end, you will be issued two ATM cards. One dollar card and one Nigerian.

3. UBA

Is for me the best Online Internet bank in Nigeria. With their ATM MasterCard, you can be able to make any purchase from any foreign commerce website like Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, and also pay for your hosting accounts or subscribe for VPN.

This is a bank I currently use to transact online and I also receive my Google Adsense money direct to my Nigerian savings account with UBA.

Isn’t that amazing bloggers? Instead of wasting your time inviting third parties blah blah blah stuff for dorm account.

4. FirstBank

FBN is one bank I haven’t made use of for online transactions. Reason being that I don’t actually fancy their customer care representatives because in this life it is always good to go to a place you will be heard when the going gets tough. You can grab an FbN MasterCard and transact online but before you do that know the current rate at which they charge per dollar and for international transactions.


If you want to enjoy more of internet transactions, then consider opening a PayPal account which is widely accepted globally by any big e-commerce website out there. After that, you can link your Nigerian credit or debit card with your PayPal account. If you can’t do this on your own then visit your bank to assist you more with PayPal and credit card linking.

This is all I have to say today on the best Online Internet banks in Nigeria. If you have any more suggestions do drop it below for users to benefit from.


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