Steps to Create a Google Account Without Phone Number

Inside here I will show you how you can create your own Google account without a mobile phone number easily. I know most of the time it can be a
pain in the ass if you have already used your mobile phone number to create a Google account.

Well, don’t worry there is still a way to do that without having to attach your personal phone number to it.

I know you found this article because you wish to learn how to set up a new
Google account without a mobile phone number. But whichever reason you have to do this I should tell you that having your mobile phone number attached to your Gmail account saves you more stress when you want to recover your account.

The choice is yours then, and you can make use of alternative recovery email feature to get back to your account in case anything goes wrong.
So now Google email is by far one of the easiest and rampant email address to make use of or set up. And in setting this email up what are the
requirements to have in mind.
Nothing much just your regular information without the phone number and you
are set to go.

Although you can make use of fake profile generator website to generate fake person information to use as your information. So below are the steps to
follow on how to create a Google email account without a phone number.

How to Create Google Account Without Phone Number


Steps on How to Create a Google Account Without Phone Number

  • Or you can easily search for “google account sign up” on Google search page,
    then follow the first URL on the search result to get to the sign-up page
  • Enter a few of the details required from you and click to proceed to the next
  • You will also need to choose your username or make use of the random
    generated username for you.
  • Proceed and skip the phone number verification
  • Accept the terms and conditions to use Google email account.
  • That is all you have now created your new Google email account without a phone number. Proceed to the account settings to add an alternative
    recovery image since you are skipping the phone number verification step.

This is helpful when you want to get back to your account. So that’s it on how to set up the Google account without a mobile phone number.

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How to Protect your Google Account

Google have it possible for its users to increase the security level
within their account, you can do so by activating some certain security
options in your account. And this will, in turn, protect your account from
unauthorized users from accessing it.

You can do so by going to the google account security option. Here you can
now increase the security level to the level you want.