Here is a quick tutorial on how to easily receive Google Adsense payments with a Payoneer account. I will make this article very brief and simple for those bloggers having an issue or seeking an alternative way to receive Google Adsense earnings.

We should all know what Google Adsense is all about and I guess anybody reading this article will want to know how to receive google Adsense payments with a Payoneer account.

So let’s begin

At this juncture, I assume you should have reached the Adsense threshold and it’s now time to receive Adsense payment on the coming 21st date of the month as Google Adsense promised.

But before we do that we need to first create a Payoneer account and verify it successfully.

How to Create a Payoneer Account

  • Visit Payoneer official page and click on the signup page.
  • Fill in the required details with your real information.
  • As Payoneer have said it is a platform that enables users to receive any kind of payments in any currency either dollar, euros, pounds and so on
  • And it is mandated to verify a Payoneer account with a valid means of identification viz drivers license, international passport or national ID card.
  • After verification that’s it, you can go ahead to verify your Payoneer account by clicking on the link sent to your provided email address.
  • Then log in to your account to start receiving payments.

How Payoneer works?

It helps one to receive payment and then transfer to your local bank account.

Bear in mind that there is a 15 dollar charge or euro depending on the currency you decide to receive your payment on.


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How to Receive Google Adsense Payment with a Payoneer Account

  • So inside your Google Adsense account click on the payment tab to enter valid payment details.
  • Then on your Payoneer interface, click on receiving payments option. There you will see the global payment option that you can use to receive your Google Adsense payments and other foreign currency.
  • You can then copy out the bank information provided by Payoneer respectively into your Google Adsense payment tab.
  • And then click on add payments details and you can also choose to set as a primary payments profile to receive future earnings.
  • That’s all on how to receive Google Adsense earnings/payments with a Payoneer account.

Feel free to share and recommend for other bloggers who wish to learn how to receive Google Adsense earnings with the Payoneer account.


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